Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts for 2013

So it’s coming up to Christmas, well I know we can hear you all saying that it’s ages off and you can be quite right about that, but ultimately it’s about 2 and a bit months till the big day. So we thought you know what we should do a nice little blog post all
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Which lingerie

Finding the right lingerie for you

We all know that when it comes to finding the right lingerie is a big decision and a challenge when you’re faced with thousands of different types, colours, designs and styles. So how can it be made easier, well firstly you need to work out what type of lingerie you are
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boux avenue

Boux Avenue discount code

If you want some new lingerie then using a Boux Avenue discount code is your best option when shopping at this retailer, why you may ask but it’s very simple, these discount codes give you money off or other such perks which mean you don’t have to spend as much. Often
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Ann Summers

Ann Summers discount code

We love using an Ann Summers discount code when shopping online as it means you can get hold of some lovely sexy lingerie as well as a wide variety of other items at an even better price than you think you’ll be getting when you browse the site. Often the discount codes
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Guide to buying women’s lingerie for men

If you want to buy your partner some sexy lingerie, but you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the choices and sizes, then this guide is for you! Don’t forget that buying lingerie for your partner is a great gift because not only are you buying her something she’ll love, but you’ll get
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